Backyard Tilapia Fish Farm Video

here’s a cool video on this guys backyard Tilapia farm. He uses a $100 pool from Target and it hold 1100 gallons! He also goes on to say that he bought a 1,900 gallonper hour pump with some PVC piping connected to it that leads to a 30 gallon feed trough. Inside the trough, he has placed home air conditioning filters.

He also uses a solar cover that heats the water of his pond during the winter. In this video, it is in the middle of winter in Florida and the water of his pond is 78 degrees.

He also shows his home built heater made from a turkey frier. pretty cool!

He puts chicken wire over the pool to guard against eagles and other predators. Inside his pool, he is growing fish up to 14 inches! Very cool video, check it out and maybe you will get some good ideas for your backyard Tilapia farm!


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